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  • Finding the correct fit can be problematic, however doing so will help individuals to have a superior and more secure sex life.
  • Condom size is necessary for ensuring that the condom is successful in avoiding sexually transmitted diseases and preventing pregnancy.
  • Very small condoms can break or leak the semen, and very large condoms can even slip off the penis while having sex. Poor-fitting condoms can likewise feel awkward during sex.

The most effective method to measure and pick the correct size of condom with an vegas outcall:

The initial step to find the best condom size is to scale the penis. For doing this, an outcall vegas can make use of a ruler, a string piece, or a measuring tape. For most precise outcomes, the estimations should be taken by an escort/partner when the penis is erect.

Follow these steps to get a precise measure of vegas outcall penis and discover the best fitting condom:

  • The length is to be measured from the base, i.e. from where the penis meets the pelvis to the end tip of the penis.
  • Make use of a ruler, string piece or a measuring tape. Fold it over the thickest piece of the penis, which is typically close to the centre of the shaft. In case you are using a string piece, mark where the string crosses and note the length with a ruler.

Remember, most condoms are somewhat longer than they should be. In case, you put the condom on and realize that there is a lot yet to unroll at the base, you may require a shorter condom. But, if you find there is nothing more to unroll, you may need to think of making use of a bigger condom.

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